Under Pressure Equipment

Noa Control sh.p.k is accredited by General Directorate of Accreditation as inspection body, Type A, according ISO/IEC 17020, Council of Ministers Decision no 1062/2015 and relevant harmonised standards and approved by the Minister of industry with identification no OMI 013.


On that basis, with a high qualified staff and modern calibrated equipment, we carry out putting into use for the first time and periodical inspection:

  • Inspection of LPG tanks and installations, less and equivalent to 13 m3
  • Inspection of LPG tanks and installations, more than 13 m3
  • Inspection of Liquid Petroleum Tanks (LPT)
  • Inspection of steam boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Inspection of cryogenic pressure equipment.
  • Stationary pressure equipment inspection by non-standard procedure
  • Inspection of wellheads and christmass tree equipment S SH EN 14015


We perform these types of inspection by some main activities:

– NDT Inspection

– Internal Control of Pressure Equipment

– External control for Pressure Equipment

– Hydraulic test

– Corrosion Evaluation

– Safety Valves Inspection

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