Inspection of Lifts

Noa Control sh.p.k is accredited by General Directorate of Accreditation as inspection body, Type A, according ISO/IEC 17020, Council of Ministers Decision no 1056/2015 and relevant harmonized standards as well as approved by the Minister of economy with identification no OMI 013 to carry out:

– Full examination

– Periodical inspection


Noa Control possesses the highest level of expertise, qualified and certified staff, equipped with contemporary calibrated equipment and it offers the service in the most efficient way, which is sustainable excellent demonstrated.


“Full examination of a lift” – means a systematic and detailed examination of the lift by an Approved Body with the aim of improving the safety of the lift at an acceptable level, identification of serious risks which may request the immediate intervention as well as the identification of improvements which are needed to be done in order to increase its necessary safety level. 

Thorough examination of lifts is mandatory for all lifts being into use for the first time till 31.12.2009. The period between subsequent thorough examinations cannot exceed six (6) years for lifts installed in a workplace and ten (10) years for lifts is installed in condominium or domestic residence.


“Periodical inspection of lift”  – includes a series of examinations and is intended to check the proper functioning of the safety features of the lift and detect any defects that develop during the use or misuse of the lift.

The periodicity is every year when the lift is installed in condominium or domestic residence and every six (6) months when lift is installed in the working place.

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