Electrical Inspections

Noa  Control is accredited by the General Directorate of Accreditation as inspection body Type A, according to ISO / IEC 17020: 2012, relevant Albanian legislation in force and approved by the Minister responsible for industry and energy with identification number OMI 013 to carry out putting into service and periodical inspection on:


  1. Inspection and measurement of electro – magnetic field in working places.
  2. Electrical installations in common areas
  3. Electrical plants in a fire hazard environment
  4. Protection plants from electrical discharges
  5. Inspections of Electrical substation (Primary equipment, current transformers, circuit barkers, protective relays, voltage transformers, power transformer, isolation, etc…)
  6. Inspections and measurement of grounding systems in HV, MV and LV.
  7. Inspection of electrical towers and overhead lines.
  8. Infrared Survey – Inspection of electrical equipment (power sources, switchgear, transformers, low voltage installations, fuse panels, electrical cabinets etc.)
  9. Differential device placed on electrical equipment, installations and plants
  10. Electrical cabinets of TM / TU

We offer these kinds of inspection services with a highly qualified and experienced team, with contemporary equipment, with a high accuracy class as well as calibrated by accredited European laboratories

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