Inspection of Crane

Noa ControlNoa Control sh.p.k is accredited by General Directorate of Accreditation as inspection body, Type A, according ISO/IEC 17020, Council of Ministers Decision no 1056/2015 and relevant harmonised standards as well as approved by the Minister of economy with identification no OMI 013 to carry out:


– Full examination

– Periodical inspection


Noa Control possesses the highest level of expertise, qualified and certified staff, equipped with contemporary calibrated equipment and it offers the service in the most efficient way, which is sustainable excellent demonstrated.


  1. Mobile cranes and semimobile cranes
  2. Tower cranes
  3. Jib cranes
  4. Overhead cranes, (Port cranes)
  5. Flag cranes
  6. Grajfer cranes
  7. Forklifts trucks
  8. Mobile elevating working platform
  9. Lifting inspection of the stage
  10. Industrial transporters

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