Noa Control sh.p.k is accredited by the General Directorate of Accreditation as certification body according S SH EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 to provide certification activities for persons who use pressurized equipments.
We provide these services through a team of long experienced and high skilled professionals who never veers from integrity and ethics, impartiality and independent assessments.

Noa Control provides certification of persons who operate:

1. Boilers that are designed to produce steam or heat water:
a. capacity of 1 ton
b. capacity of 3 tons
c. 20 ton capacity
d. capacity over 20 tons
2. Pressure vessels of technological equipment and air reservoirs
3. LPG tanks
4. Cryogenic pressurized vessels
5. LPG cylinders filling and storage center
6. Unload and Pour LPG gas from tank truck

Documents and forms:

- The application form (download)
- The appeal form (download)

How To Get Certified Click on each item to view details

  • Preconditions of Applicant to Apply for Certification
    - Applicant has to be above 18 years old
    - To possess a document which verify that has finished at least 9 years education program or have followed a lower professional education
    - A medical document that is capable of work

  • Process of Application
    The applicant provides:

    - The signed request
    - The application form

  • Assessment Process
    1. Noa Control reviews the application to confirm that applicant complies with the application requirements.
    2. After this pre-assessment the candidate applicant will be subject of examination for its assessment of competence.
    3. Finally the Decision on certification of the candidate will be taken from Noa Control.

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  • Appeal
    Appeal is any request by applicant, candidate or certified person for reconsideration of any decision made by the certification body related to her/his desired certification status.

    Applicant, candidate applicant or certified person has the right to appeal within 10 days of being officially notified for any decision by certification body Noa Control.

    The filled appeal format (download the form above) can be provided by post or electronically via our email: [email protected]

    Within 5 days of being notified for the relevant appeal, the appellant is invited to find an agreement with Quality Manager of Noa Control.

    In case that no agreement is achieved, the appeal will be forwarded immediately to Appeal Commission who is composed by persons not involved in the decision being appealed.

    The Appeal Commission takes final decision and shall give written notice within 10 days to the appellant by post or electronically as appropriate.

  • Complaint
    Complaint is expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any individual or organization to a certification body, relating to the activities of that body or a certified person, where a response is expected.

    Our complaints-handling procedures guarantee the treatment of all parties fairly and equitably in a constructive, impartial and timely manner. The complaint can be provide by post or via our email: [email protected]

    Our Quality Manager is in charge of complaints-handling. She/he informs the complainant on the acceptance of the complaint and report to him/her about the measures taken.

    The decision on the complaint is reviewed and approved by the Complaint Commission who is composed by persons not involved in the complaint issue.

    The Complaint Commission takes final decision and shall give written notice within 30 days to the complainant by post or electronically as appropriate.

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