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Who We Are

Noa Control is a company established in Albania on inspection and certification services, as well as under the technical support in the inspection and certification industry.
Noa Control has a certified Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupation Health and Safety Management System.
Noa Control provides legal consultancy and is accredited and Approved/Authorized by the responsible government institutions for:

Thorough examination and periodical inspection of lifts
Inspection of under pressure equipment
Verification of water meters
Verification of fuel & LPG distributers
Inspection of electrical equipment & installations
Inspection of motor vehicle of road transport
Certification of persons who use pressurized equipment
Project Examination/Verification
Technical Verification/Inspection of installations used by economic operators dealing with processing, transportation and marketing of oil and its derivatives etc.

Management Staff

Anila Jani


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Noa Control

Agron Laci

Technical Director

Responisible for the measurment activity of measuring instrument.

Ervin Minga

Technical Director

Department of inspection of lifts.

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